Landing ideas, solving needs, fulfilling commitments, overcoming expectations.

Experience in real estate developments

Projects that go hand in hand with the needs of the client, to provide a space that meets the required characteristics, with the best locations in the region and establishing links with customers of a relevant nature at national and international level; That being the key for Grupo Musa, to be one of the best companies in Baja California.


Create to the measure, which meet the needs of our clients, offer the best territorial reserves of the region and boost the economic development of Tijuana.

To be the best option in the market for the construction of warehouses and industrial works in the northern region of the country, demonstrating our experience and combining it with the adaptation and innovation of new technologies, understanding and meeting the needs of our customers.


To be one of the most recognized certified companies in our market segment with a national presence, maintaining quality, efficiency, execution on time and competitive cost in all our projects.

What do we do?

Commercial section

We offer our customers the best locations in the city. In addition to having the main commercial areas of our housing developments.

Residential sector

Developments that improve to provide quality and amenities, which make your heritage the most comforting space.

Industrial sector

Improve our properties and project with current requirements, in addition to locations at strategic points for mobility. They are the key to establishing Agrupo Musa as the best option.

Public sector

Determined to participate in the growth and improvements of the city, actions that benefit with quality services and urbanization.

Materials for aggregates

For Grupo Musa, the activity of offering products for construction has been part of our history. Which currently is the subsidiary for which we continue to be part of the market

Emblematic works

Being part of the history of Tijuana, led Agrupo Musa to participate in the construction of projects. They represent it. Feeling proud of those achievements